Three Sisters Cookbook

A collection of family recipes and photos

This collection of family recipes was assembled as a Christmas gift from one sister to the others. Recipes collected over the years were categorized and labeled with the family member responsible for creating them. From grandmother to granddaughter, generations of cooks contributed their tried and true concoctions to make this one-of-a-kind keepsake. Intermingled with recipes for favorite cookies and casseroles are pictures of the sisters growing up, as well as photos of various members of the family cooking memorable meals. Each family heirloom – in the form of original handwritten notes, typed recipe cards and vintage photos – has been scanned in and preserved for generations to come. No more loose-leaf binders and folders full of scraps of paper. The cookbook was a huge hit and has inspired other families to collect their recipes and create their own “legacy” cookbooks. (Book size: 8 x 10 Standard Portrait, 74 pages)



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