Egypt and Jordan

A 60th birthday vacation

This large format book was designed for a couple from Colorado who were celebrating a 60th birthday. They made plans to venture to a part of the world neither had seen before. In December 2009, they embarked on a 2-week journey of a lifetime. Starting in Cairo, Egypt, and traveling south along the Nile, they saw many famous ancient sites, tombs and temples, including the Great Pyramids. In Jordan, they visited one of the Seven Wonders of the World – Petra – as well as sites both spiritually and culturally significant. They were touched by the beauty, history and strength of the Egyptian and Jordanian people. The entire experience holds a very special place in both their hearts and made a lasting impression, as seen through the beautiful photography shown here. (Book size: 13 x 11 Large Landscape, 56 pages)



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